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Thomas Kuchenbecker

Fitchburg, Wi


About Thomas Kuchenbecker

I am basically self taught as an artist. I started painting over thirty years ago as a hobby. Gradually it became more a compulsion to convey my interest in nature, color, and design. Then it became a mission of sorts to deliver a message.

As a native Wisconsinite I have always been interested in depicting scenes of this beautiful and diverse state including Madison and the University of Wisconsin.

Artist Statement

The purpose of my paintings is to induce a few moments of quiet relaxation and contemplation. I also hope to instill an appreciation of nature and the need to protect the delicate balance between human needs and the fragile environment. I hope to impart the importance of our spiritually during our short earthly existence. I aim to achieve an overall effect of harmony and co-existence between nature and mankind with a subtle implication of the greater cosmos.

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