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About Laercio Frade
Laercio Frade Gómez

Havanna City, Cuba, September 17, 1974.
He is graduated from Professional School of Fine Arts “Carlos Hidalgo Díaz” from Pinar del Río in the year 2000. Graduated from Superior Institute of Art of Havanna City in the speciality of Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Patrimony in the year 2007. Specialist of the Center of Conservation and Restoration of Provincial Museum.

Artist Statement

Since childhood I knew that my professional dedication would be united with the process of artistic creation through painting. Since then the effort to draw and paint accurately the natural environment became an exercise that years later in the studies of the art academy and the art university became an exercise in interpretation, representation, analysis and interrogation of everyday life seen through artistic expression.

I feel the need to create because through painting, printmaking and photography, I can perpetuate the images that you will escape the ephemeral words. In my surrealist work you can find different topics such as: social problems, introspection, relationships, desires and dreams.
I also enjoy the process of creation of the abstract painting. In my abstract work you can see the variety of discourses that reflect the metaphorical transformation of reality and poetic imagination, through the use of palettes with a fusion reaching the spiritual delight. Each has its own history, which is reflected through urban landscapes or seascapes and through memories of real or imagined places, which transmits a sense that absorbs the spectator
in a trance as a primordial element in terms of visual pleasure in an artwork that overflows from their frames to reach all.

I do use mainly oil on canvas or cardboard and various printmaking techniques such as intaglio or engraved on metal, using procedures such as drypoint, mezzotint, strong and open water bite.

I hope that my work to continue into the future, which will be useful to people who identified with her look. I hope that my work is consistent with their time. I hope my work will expand internationally and thus can be appreciated by many people.

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The three musicians

by Laercio Frade

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Waves breaking

by Laercio Frade

The conversation

by Laercio Frade

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