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Laura Iosifescu

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About Laura Iosifescu
Laura`s main passion is painting.The bright colors, thick paint and layers which often are extreme make her work really distinctive. She has participated in many exhibitions throughout UK and has been shortlisted for numerous art awards and art competitions.
Artist Statement

I came from a family of four children. I have spent most of the early years of my childhood in the country side.To me as a child, my grandparentsí garden was a piece of Haven with an eruption of colours and a celebration of flavors of all kind of fruits, vegetables and flowers. That garden still holds some of my fondest memories with my grandparents, who taught me at a very young age the value ,respect and love for Nature.
Now living in a different country with a huge mixture of cultures it tends to break your identity apart. The only thing that is giving me the secure feeling of who I am, are my memories. My painting are an expression of identity; imaginary gardens and landscapes. I like to think that I am not a painter but more likely a creator of my own world. Using large quantities of paint, I am literally sculpting magical, fairy tale places, transforming the paint into physical plants. My intention is to break down the boarders between two and three dimensionality in the painting. I like to allow the work to be excessive and controlled. The density of the landscape also acts as a type of overbearing threat or beautiful repellent. My paintings aim to seduce and lure the viewer and offer a sense of happiness.

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Nature`s Appliques

by Laura Iosifescu

Tectonic Plates

by Laura Iosifescu

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