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Lyle Everett Rushing (l.everett) is a Los Angeles based artist. He was born in Monroe, North Carolina. He attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and served honorably in the US Navy. L.everett combines the calm sensibilities of his early rural upbringing with the varied experiences that color the expansive landscape of southern California to create art pieces that are at once, arresting and moving. He continues to have an utter fascination with the human experience at wonderfully captures life's moments with his works on paper, canvas and most recently acrylic on wood. His pieces are in private collections across the country.

Artist Statement

Without instruction....
Not bound by constraints of form or periods....
Purely with passion and purpose, guided by instinct...
I create.

I love the use of the most rudimentary tools: graphite, charcoal, oil sticks, colored pencils and pastel chalks ....The incomparable connection of hand-to-tool-to-paper.... The transference of inner feelings through fingers; sometimes physically pressed on paper by smudging. You literally receive pieces of me with these pieces.

Recently I have begun working with acrylics on wood. Wood is an incredibly organic surface that requires a cooperative effort with the paint. Random and practiced strokes come together to produce stories, moods and memories.

I love my artwork.

It is music on canvas.
It is poetry with paint.
It is life captured in moments.

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