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About LFCubed Designs
My name is Luis Fournier III and I create my art under either my company name of LFCubed Designs, or that of Circuit Board Cityscapes. I was born in the coastal suburbs of south of Los Angeles , which is where I spent the majority of the first 23 years of my life. The 11 years since then have been spent living in West Hollywood, CA, which is where I still reside.

I don't have a formal education in art, and pretty much everything I do is completely self taught through the trial and error of trying different techniques and ways of working with materials. My formal education, which I undertook at Cal Poly Pomona, is in English, with an emphasis in Literature and Language. I have never been the sort to shy away from trying new things and my art is definitely representative of this.
Artist Statement

I do it all. I paint. I created assemblage artwork out of repurposed materials. I sew. I set tile down into game boards. I make one-of-a-kind lamps. My mind never really stops, and as such, the media that I use to convey who I am when I create my art pieces are always changing, combining and evolving too.

I look at the world from a standpoint that there are many answers to every one question. And, more importantly, that each answer is the right one. I create my art as a way of encouraging others to look at things differently. Success as an artist to me is achieved when someone walks away from viewing one of my pieces thinking about things in a way that they previously hadnít considered. It doesnít matter what that consideration is, as long as it is something new to them.

My biggest drive in life is helping others. Helping them on complex levels like that of personal growth, as well as, on much more simple levels like that of temporary happiness. And my artwork is an outlet for this drive, whether it is from helping them by providing them with something that simply brings a smile to their face every time they walk past it, or by helping them to look at the world around them in a different way.

In addition to helping others, the other key factor that goes into a lot of the art that I create is that of educating others on some of the environmental challenges that we as a society are going to have to find solutions for if we are to survive here on Earth. In fact, my assemblage art, which is made from repurposed materials such as circuit boards, is often meant to be both an education tool, as well as, one of many solutions needed to address the challenges of living on a planet with a growing population and ever diminishing resources.

In conclusion, when we stop growing and stop changing we become stagnate, and stagnation is akin to death. I look at my art as a way of helping others to add to their lives, on many different levels and in many different ways, by helping them to avoid becoming stagnated.

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Circuit Board Cityscape Artwork Titled Quick Rise

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Circuit Board Cityscape Artwork Titled Industrial Sunset

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