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About Linda Bladen

Linda Bladen | Los Angeles California


West Liberty University, WV
Ohio University, OH
L'Universite Aix-Marseilles, Avignon, France

Special Studies

Tuck Langland, National Sculpture Society
William Whitaker, National Portrait Society

Artist Statement

Art cannot be defined. We are born artists and spend the rest of our lives creating.

What makes an artist? That question cannot be answered because everything is art and art is everywhere. We are surrounded by it. But what we are really living in at all times is the opportunity to sense it. That elusive quality called art is presented to us on a moment to moment basis. It exists in the most basic things human beings experience each day.

We can see it sprayed on buildings, feel it in the mechanics of the cars we drive and taste it in the food we eat. We step on it in carpets, sit on it in chairs, breathe it in scents. It exists in traditional forms in museums, opera and dance, theater, and literature, but no matter what form it takes, the unifying quality it has is that it moves the spirit.

When we realize that we are artists, life becomes beautiful. Every event that transpires can be assembled into the design of our lives and fashioned by our imaginations to become something astonishing. We can build on anything when we realize that.

Art never stands still because the world is ever moving and evolving. Art is neither old nor new because discovery is constant. In the established visual form, people pursue art by drawing, sculpting, designing, film making, architecture... I paint.

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by Linda Bladen


Original Acryli...

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Original Acryli...

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