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Paul Robertson

Brownstown, Michigan


About Paul Robertson

I live south of Detroit, I have traveled to numerous places in the world

Artist Statement

My vision for the art that I produce is to allow the viewer to see and keep life's flavor "Fresh", to not overlook the simple, and to celebrate differences in the world. Being a pro surfer allowed me to travel to many exotic locales. The ocean became my liquid Inspiration. My work shows the same flow and motion. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, that almost cost me my life in 2004, my eyes were opened to a more vivid expression of Art, for which I am grateful. As an award winning photographer, my work includes pure photography, but has transformed into my edgy digital art, Using the best Epson Ink's and the highest grade aluminum, to make these works just jump off the wall. I am showing in a gallery named Signature Art Gallery of Vero, located at 4344 US Highway 1, Vero Beach, Florida. Ph: 772-257-5918 I have found a new metal printer, they use the top grade aluminum and top grade Epson inks, the images come out amazing, they will blow you away, 3-D. The name of the company is An Image Evolution from Vero Beach Florida

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Liquid Inspiration, ink on aluminum digital art .This is a fine art piece by Paul Robertson

Liquid Inspirat...

by Paul Robertson


Neon Sky  digital fine art, printed on aluminum with ink, by Paul Robertson

Neon Sky digit...

by Paul Robertson