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as a channeled visionary artist and intuitive
Born in Neenah Wisconsin into a large family of nine being the youngest of six girls one older brother and two younger brothers I found myself retreating into the world of color through my imagination visiting with my imaginary friends who today I now know as The Angels and non physical beings. As the years progressed the visits became less frequent as I accumulated more information of the outside world. I always felt the Angels around me even though I put down my crayons or paints I never forgot the magical place within me.

So one day in 1989 I began a journey choosing to make a commitment to discovering my own truth. (Wow has that changed over the years as the layers of the ego began to dismantle and my True Self is felt more and more on a daily basis.) I began to draw again which was the first time since I was six years old. My medium at that time was pen and watercolor marker. The images that appeared on paper were abstract filled with color and precision. I view it now as restrictive art, because I wanted it to be perfect, everything within the lines. The precision and perfection that was portrayed in my art I feel was in some way a direct reflection of all the control, pride, ego, in my life. It wasn't until I surrendered ( I continue to surrender each and every day my free will onto Divine Will) and allowed the flow in every aspect of my life, that my art would take on yet another form. I cherish many of those drawings today (the vibrancy of colors) and am grateful for that stage of evolution and discovery of self.

In august of 1997 I had a spiritual transformation that consisted of 12 paintings in one weekend. At first I wasn't clear as to what was happening, because as I painted automatically with my fingers feeling the intense energy I felt a deep connection to spirit. Each of my paintings were a colorful visual aide of my life that I had experienced up until that point, as I painted I listened to spirit (Archangel Raphael) explaining to me the significance behind each experience. Since that weekend I continue to paint with my fingers and the Angels, together we create and play. I continue to make a conscious effort on a daily basis to see life without the veil. It has been a wonderful healing tool not always was it comfortable for me to experience the birthing of an image on canvas it was my willingness and desire to be whole to reach deep within and love those aspects of myself completely without judgment. I am very grateful today to have discovered these gifts and the opportunity to give in such a colorful vibrant way. My art is a gift to be shared with others, for gifts are not given to us just for our viewing. I (we) are the vehicle for the information and or expression to be seen or heard and appreciated by many not just one.

Up until November 2003 all my paintings were signed Sheimala a higher aspect of myself and after six years I was guided to begin using my birth name again because I had integrated that energy. I guess you could see it as coming full circle on another level within myself. Although my signature has changed the substance of my work has not, it has expanded tremendously bringing into the physical a strength backed with conviction and clarity as I continue to embrace the divinity within the I that is I AM. For me it is all about surrendering, staying focused and aligning my energies in pure expanded God Light on a daily basis, and having the willingness to be open to the newness as the curtain comes down on the old. To step beyond and experience new frontiers/opportunities of co-creating Heaven here on Earth for the highest good. Being real and honest with myself even when it feels uncomfortable and my pride wants to have a field day with those old programs. Well, it is getting less and less as I continue to choose to move forward in my mission living outside the veil of illusion.

In May of 2009 I was diagnosed with Lobular Breast Cancer and participated in a clinical study. I was guided to blog about my journey into wellness with the intention of making a difference for women who may find themselves one day walking walking in similar shoes. I celebrated one year of being cancer free on June 2, 2011. Visit blog at

I view Art as the doorway of opportunity to embrace all aspects of our Divine nature where logic is left for another day and our intuitive God Self is allowed to be expressed in its full capacity without judgment.

For me it is not about competing with the individual next door, I believe, if it is imagined and the desire is strong enough we have the ability to make it happen. Look at all the great inventors, philosophers, and artists it all begins with original thought, our imagination, desire, passion and the willingness to carry it through to completion. It is about inspiring with color in various applications creating a product from an original painting, seeing the painting transformed and beginning the creative process all over again, now that's exciting. Having something tangible that individuals can touch, get excited, feel passionate, and uplifted about as they walk into a room in their home or business and say "wow" now this is something of value it makes me feel good. That is what my art is all about to be alive in passion.

My studies include different spiritual applications, energy work (connecting into the higher dimensions), healing hands, creative visualization techniques, Science of Mind, I AM Presence Discourse, Master Universe course,Master Teacher course, White flame initiation workshop, Master of Light course, Joe Viltale's Miracle Coaching Program, Raise Your Vibrations, EFT certificate 1,2, Reiki 1,2 and a degree in Fashion Design.The journey continues as long as we walk this earth. It is our choice to delve into the Divinity of our True Essence and become alive once again, to remember and embrace the God/Goddess within the I that is I AM. In all seasons we transform, understanding that all life is one within the oneness of all. Remember to laugh and breathe along the way! Lighten Up as I hear so often from Spirit.

Lots of Smiles in Love

Artist Statement

“I view Art as the doorway of opportunity to embrace all aspects of our Divine nature where logic is left for another day and our intuitive God Self is allowed to be expressed in its full capacity without judgment.”
Lisa Ann Bonfiglio

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