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Please go to my web site where you will find my resume and artist statement....www.sculpturesbylois.com
Artist Statement

Just a few thoughts about how I approach my work. Many artists will make a maquette before starting a piece of sculpture. I do not have any preconceived ideas before I start working with the clay. I use the build-up method and as the piece evolves, certain forms and movement suggest the direction the piece will take. While in that “Creative Space” the sculpture directs itself.

There are several elements that are paramount in my mind as I engage in the creative process. I strive to reduce the piece to its most elemental state thus getting to the essence of the piece. The concepts of “Simplicity of Form” and “Integrity of Line” are always resounding in my mind. The expression “Less is More” is so true and so hard to accomplish. To extract the superfluous and reduce the form to its most elemental state, to me, is accomplishing a “Simplicity of Form”. When I feel that I have achieved that in my piece, then I know it is time to stop.

I have a fascination with doing abstract pieces. They are a challenge for it forces me to think outside of the box. By doing so, I am always amazed at the results and often wonder where all these combinations of forms came from. When people view my work, they all see some- thing different in it. That too is a wonder and an amazement to me!

I am always fascinated as well, to experience how different mediums will project such a different feeling about the piece. I always start in clay and then cast the piece into plaster, Hydrocal or Winterstone. Then I will recast it again, make modifications and the piece then metamorphoses into a whole different sculpture.

One of my favorite patinas on the plaster pieces is the Milk finish. It not only looks and feels like marble, but has a very sensual appeal. The Terra-Cottas are either left in their natural state and waxed or a bronze patina is applied.

I am drawn to shapes and forms that reflect the volume and sensuality of the human form. Fertility and family themes seem to appear quite often in my work without being consciously aware of it. It is both thrilling and exciting to be involved in the creative process. It is difficult to truly express the joy I derive from starting from a lump of clay and forming it into a work of art.

~Lois Levitan

Please consult my resume through the following link: http://www.sculpturesbylois.com/Resume.pdf

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