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Lorna Scheepers

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About Lorna Scheepers

Lorna Scheepers is an South African artist who followed her heart to America and is now living and working in Chicago, USA.
Born and raised in South Africa, she embraced art as an adult, enrolling in her first art class at age 27 and completed her art education at the Open Window Art Academy in Pretoria, South Africa, under some of the best and well known artists on the South African art scene.

Although not obvious, her art is always deeply personal. She began painting as a means of dealing with personal trauma. Her dream of pursuing art was put on hold when she went through a divorce in 1996 and instead had a successful career in corporate marketing. As a single mother, she focused on her career in the years that followed and only painted as a release or when commissioned. Twenty years later, she is finally doing what she loves and enjoys most. 

Artist Statement

My creativity begins with an appreciation for the beauty in the everyday, often reflecting my emotions and memories and interwoven with more idyllic and imagined elements of the environment.

I draw inspiration from my experience of living in between countries and continents, exploring ideas of socialization and one’s sense of belonging within a place and what home means. Colour and pattern informs my practice and visually recollects memories of time and place.

I do not feel I need to shout or make a statement and for that reason, I like my paintings to be in some way quiet. This might also be a reflection of the fact that I need to paint in solitude.
Although not obvious, my art is always deeply personal. The presence of birds and other creatures are often a symbolic reference to myself. I consider my art to be a place of self healing and transformation.

My paintings are intuitive and I seldom have a clear concept of what the end result will look like. I prefer to let the painting revealed itself and do not want to know hundred percent what I am going to do till it is done.
So many artist and tutors have been impressionable upon me along my journey as an artist and my list of painterly influences includes Odilon Redon, Joseph Stella, Gustav Klimt and Franz Marc to name but a few.

I paint from my heart, and it is imperative to me to remain integral to my own voice.
I am always trying to evolve and try not to feel tethered to a particular subject or style, but rather let my work organically grow alongside me to reflect my personal experiences.