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I was born and raised in Jackson,WY. I graduated with my Masters in Art Education after receiving my Bachelors in studio art and painting. I have always been an artist at heart and I find that it really drives my ability to live life to the fullest and see positive beauty in all that surrounds me. I studied teaching because I love how children have completely no inhibition when it comes to art. Children inspire my art as can be seen with my child-like strokes and bright colors.

My Artist Statement

I have always been an artist. I was that kid dancing around the yard naked with every art utensil ever made and a huge roll of paper that never seemed big enough.

I love color, immediacy, spontaneous ideas. I am an artist because it allows me to reflect on the images I have stored throughout my life and it gives me the opportunity to connect with other people through color and silliness. I live my life through a playful spirit and the use of color in my work is a reflection of this character.

I try to paint the way I feel, or the way I am visualizing the colorful world around me through my lightheartedness while letting spontaneous movement and emotion guide me. I am not afraid of mistakes. I let them become something exciting in the painting. This process of starting with a blank canvas and carving it into something straight from the motives of my recollection gives me the freedom to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings about nature and myself.

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