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Manuela Nicolini Potentiating Art

Ghedi (Bs), Italy


About Manuela Nicolini Potentiating Art

I am an Italian artist researcher and creates artworks with an exclusive technique of my own invention that I called AQVACOLOR 4D. It is an abstract media that combines the material with the awareness of the artist (me). During my artistic career, which I think united and inseparable from the personal journey of awareness, I realized that I could , through my art, to create artworks that be helpful for people in their life to attract the things and situations desired..

ArtAttractor project is the answer to my desire to help people in their life to attract the best situations for them in the home, at work, in relationships and for themselves.

The conditions for achieving greater economic prosperity, the activity that best expresses yours talents, health, and harmonious relationships and everything you want, are already within you.
It 'necessary to arouse and raising the vibration to ensure your desire to manifest in your reality.

My work is to accelerate and strengthen this process that will start from your decision.

You can have in your home and in your workplace a true original artwork and listed that has the added power to help you attract into your life what you want.
For example, if you have a company you can hang in your offices of the works that foster collaboration and efficiency and attract good opportunities.

Artist Statement

I consider myself an 'Artist researcher who was able to integrate his life experiences in different fields, a innate creativity and experimentation with new techniques and materials. My intent is to create works that transmit vibrations of Love, Beauty, Joy, Harmony, Prosperity, Strength ... for me and for the world in which I live.

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The Terrace of Desires - design small table with original pictures inserted

The Terrace of ...

by Manuela Nicolini Potentiating Art


Spirito Libero (Free Spirit) - Original AqvaColor 4D

Spirito Libero ...

by Manuela Nicolini Potentiating Art