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About Marguerite

Marguerite Walz is an artist/teacher whose career has spanned three decades. She grew up in Chicago, and was strongly influenced by "The City of Big Shoulders," its frankness, vitality, and people. She earned her MA in Art from Governors State University, Park Forest South, IL. Since then, her art has matured and diversified through the many defining experiences that the life of a mother, teacher and business person provides. The artist expresses moods, motifs, concepts and impressions in a variety of media including water colors, oils, acrylics, mosaics, three-dimensional pieces, serigraphy and woodcut prints.

Artist Statement

Many people think of artists as loners hidden away in garrets or studios, but for the most part, artists are involved in their communities with a mission to bring art out to others or others in to art. Second to creating, is helping others learn to create, too. I have been fortunate to work with students in an alternative program in my school district where the students collaborated in producing two very beautiful mosaic pieces which are hung on the wall at the entrance of the school.
In addition to donating time and talent, artists bring revenue into their communities during their art tours or special exhibits. People visit their galleries or studios and dine at local establishments, fill up on gas, stay overnight at hotels, and when we have welcomed our visitors warmly, they make a point to return again. People like hanging out with artists.

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