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María Burgaz

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About María Burgaz
María Burgaz studied Arts in the Complutense University of Madrid and since then she has shown her work in galleries and Art Centres all over Spain and abroad. She has also won many awards that recognise her talent and trayectory thay hopefully will continue for a long time and that I wish lots of people could see. Her work is represented in many public and private collections all over the world.
Artist Statement


When you are in front of one of my paintings, the first thing that calls people´s attention is the explosion of colors which make you get inside my work and discover many other things that I hope won´t leave anybody indifferent.
When you enter little by little into my personal world you discover a narration full of symbols that are all over the canvas, and which show a story that with irony and humour will hopefully make you stare at my work. You will always find a positive sight of the world, a World of excess which turns the excess to armony, the delightful armony of chaos. Besides all the sensations and information that you find in my work, I concéntrate to match techniques, materials and images with words, messages, making my work a continuous search without stopping in the things that I already know, but searching and discovering new ways to express so much that I have inside, and that I can´t stop expressing.