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Marwan gamal

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About Marwan gamal
Education :
University degree :Bachelor in education of art (Helwan University)
Graduation year (2003)
Several on line TUT
Skills :
Drawing with pencils .
Drawing with colors pencils .
Oil painting .
Drawing caricature .
Different theories for drawing & painting .
Teaching :
I worked as an art teacher in several places such as:
Private centers
Private teacher at homes
Cartoon field :
I worked as an animator in the cartoon field for almost 6 years ,check it below one of my works
Caricature field :
I worked in many events with adults & kids by drawing their portraits in caricature .
Oil painting works :
I did a lot of a traditional oil painting works as you will see through my page .
Solo Exhibitions :
In 2012 I have had two Exhibitions , about caricature portrait.
Group Exhibitions :
Several students group exhibitions from 1998 to 2003 as a student in my collage through my study years.
Collections :
I sold a lot of my works to individuals art collectors .
Commissions :
A lot of individuals also asked me to draw or to paint their portraits .
Contribution :
I also have a channel on youtube , I upload an art educational lessons (in my language) as much as I can ,check it below
Awards :
The fourth place in a caricature contest Organized by The Egyptian today newspaper.
The third place in a design contest Organized by Olympic Electric company .
Where You can see my art:
This is my page where I put and organizing most of my art works
Artist Statement

I am one of those artists who rather to be in the studio and creating their arts, I am flexible, easy to talk with, eager to learn, hungry for knowledge, chasing a dream, talented, ambitious, searching for my uniqueness, careful of my health & my body, seeking wisdom, tranquility & inspiration, sharpening myself every day in order to be a superior artist . But i also find that question " Who are you ? " reflected in its core other questions like " How deeper you understand ? ", How much you know ? " & " How do you feel most of the time ? " and since those things are changing all the time ( at least for me ) then i am changing all the time, and by considering that i am creating art constantly and i am using that art to express myself so follow up my upcoming works if you are interested to know about me . Thanks for come by, wish you the best .

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Amazed by the miracle

by Marwan gamal

The Big Cloud

by Marwan gamal

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