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Riccardo Attanasio

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About Riccardo Attanasio

Attanasio is an interdisciplinary artist who after his degree in Naples moves to London where he specialise to Teaching art in Camberwell Art University London. He is currently enrolled to a Masters in Social Sculpture at Brookes University of Oxford. He displayed and performed in institutions of high standard in Moscow, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Serbjia, Turkey, Finland, Holland.
Artist Statement

Since 2010 I am focusing on different street happenings, I am exploring the
boundaries of the possibilities of behavior. How strong habits of everyday life
are bounded to us. We have rules that became part of our genetic code.
Rules lead us to behave in a certain way. I work in the streets a personal
re-appropriation of the city where I live. When I do a street action I often have
to deal with police, irritated citizens, strange glances but at the same time I
have plenty of satisfaction which comes from smiles, interest, will to
understand what is my action about and why I am doing that. When I perform
in the street I like to be focus but never ignoring the people around me, they
are part of it. My aim in art is to be able to open people's perception. When is
a painting, a performance in the theatre or in the street it has the aim of
connecting us as human beings. I am lately focusing more and more in
involving the audience in the creative process making them my collaborators.
I started with interviewing people in the street transforming them into the main
focus of my artwork. My aim is to bring art in their lives uniting my artistic
research with people’s lives. In painting I am developing my technique which
make a particular use of the black line. Each line follows my breath from the
beginning to the end. The images are inspired by surroundings and culture
where I am living during the creative process.

My Artist Video

//www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxDxWwm3rNg interview

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