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My interest for photography was ignited while attending college with the simple thrill of clicking a camera shutter and "capturing the moment". Later, while working in the computer industry, I attended and graduated from the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda MD, where hours in the darkroom work solidified my love for the photographic arts. From that point forward I've been driven to improve my technical skills and cultivate creativity leveraging today's technological advances. I've been fortunate to work and prosper in many areas of photography including portraiture, commercial, event, stock, and the sale of fine art prints. I currently shoot with professional digital SLR cameras and lenses and edit with Adobe Photoshop and a library of digital tools powered by an Apple computer. Today I live in Sarasota, Florida and focused on exhibiting and selling my fine art photographic prints throughout the country. In addition, I provide photographic services for clients and create art for my extensive stock image library.

My Artist Statement

My passion is photography, my works ignite imagination and enable the viewer to see everyday life from a different perspective. Beyond the tools of technology and light I use color, composition and the emotional connection these have to the subject. My portfolio includes traditional black and white, color, contemporary abstract, gritty urban, dramatic landscapes and architecture. All my work is professionally printed on archival paper available in Open and Limited editions shipped directly from my Longboat Key, Florida studio.

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I am located in Longboat Key, FL.

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