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About McCulloughPayne

A native of central Missouri, Leslie exhibits art in shows around the world and contributes to the growing appreciation of art as an exploration of the body, mind, spirit connection. The rural community she lives in allows her a never ending supply of inspiration; her family of four and two legged friends an abundance of both support and contrast which Leslie draws (literally) upon to explore the connected conscious of mankind.

Artist Statement

As individuals travel through the personal evolution of their lives they search for truth. This search for truth leads to cycles of revelation and intimacy with the life giving force entitled God, along with separation and despair at the loss of that unity. Truth has a cycle of life; one truth evolving into another and all progressing toward the needed reunion with nature humankind's self imposed uniqueness has created. Art has throughout time been an aid in the evolution of intra personal truth. The artist expresses an idea, emotion, or story through color, movement, texture, real and abstracted images; the truth revealed through the work evolves within each individual into a new conception of reality totally unique to that individual. As the soul seeks truth, it may take meditative comfort in a landscape, or explode with the emotional and physical reality of an abstracted image. The unique quality of art is that the truth expressed by the artist is not imposed upon another; instead the individual viewers experience a truth unique to their life's evolution.
Through my work I use a combination of real and abstracted images, color, and movement to create a mythical story of location. The viewers may use these mythical images to rest from, or battle with the forces inhibiting their calling; emotions or responsibilities too fearful to face in reality may be addressed through the abstracted forms and mythical images. Once faced, these forces may simply be used to take the next step in the viewer's personal evolution.

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