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Michele de la Menardiere

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About Michele de la Menardiere

Artist Statement

Through iridescent color, amorphic shape, and varying texture, Michele de la Menardiere uses an abstract language to explore the rich complexity of the visceral landscape. She creates to inquire into such universal themes as: mortality; beauty; loss; the spirit; conflict; harmony; loneliness; and grace. The process of painting itself is equally as important as the end result. Michele paints as a cathartic response to her constantly evolving energies and emotions. She paints to be present and to connect to something deeply essential and sublime. Through this meditative exercise, each piece becomes an authentic and passionate expression of existing in the moment.

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by Michele de la Menardiere


A New Perspective

A New Perspecti...

by Michele de la Menardiere


Two Natures

Two Natures

by Michele de la Menardiere