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the first time i picked up a paintbrush & experienced the magic of transforming a blank piece of paper into a picture, i was captivated by painting! i was fortunate to grow up around wonderful artists who inspired me by their presence. while it was rumored, among them, that watercolor portraits were especially difficult, my fiery & independent nature had to find out for myself. what i discovered was my passion! when i paint a person's eyes & see their reflection unfold before me, with all the intensely rich colors & transparency that only watercolor can create, i am still inspired, invigorated & awed by the mystery of how creation occurs! I love The Creator, The Greatest Artist, who fills my life with love & gave me this wonderful gift, to also create!

I am also an advocate for children. a portion of every sale is donated to keeping children safe from abuse! i believe that together we can make a difference in this world! light & love~ michal madison

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