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Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, my work has developed a unique character, bringing a fresh outlook to the concept of landscape painting. My abstracted images of organic forms found within coastal, desert and volcanic environments offer a deeply personal and intuitive interpretation of the natural world. A different viewpoint is provided by my aerial paintings, which focus on shapes, patterns and textures from a rarely seen perspective.

Winning several major awards has enabled me to travel to places as far afield as New Zealand, Shetland and the USA. From the coastlines of Scotland to the volcanic regions of Indonesia and Hawaii, I endeavour to capture the drama of nature's forces at work while retaining a gentle intimacy with my subject.

My Artist Statement

Nature is the driving force behind my work, from the quiet corners where life goes on almost unnoticed around us, to the violent and surreal landscapes of volcanically active regions. The tiniest detail of landscape, a close up of rock or gnarled seaweed root, can influence me as easily as the awe-inspiring sight of rugged coastlines or open wilderness. Whatever attracts me to a subject, I try to convey to the viewer the excitement and joy I felt when I first discovered it.

I am fascinated by the dynamic interaction of the land with the nature’s forces, which continually erode, chisel and re-sculpt the landscape. Throughout my career the work I have produced has been inspired by the beauty and importance of the natural world. The content has continued to evolve through foreign travel, although the emphasis still rests greatly on nature's cycles of destruction and regeneration.

My work takes the natural phenomena that exist in the world around us, the organic forms and structures of the landscape and abstracts them from their immediate environment. My viewpoints are often aerial or close up. In both these perspectives the subject is removed from its context, giving it a unique and charismatic identity.

Aerial views enable me to capture the impact of the broader landscape. The variations in colour and texture, seen from above, challenge our perceptions of scale. The close up perspective focuses on the detail and character of organic forms and weathered geology. Similarly, this viewpoint leads me to an altered perception of shapes, patterns and textures, which I then translate into paint.

The dynamic fluctuations of light and weather and their impact on the colours, textures and structures of our environment are crucial components in my work. Some of the techniques I use have developed through my choice of subject matter and the use of colour and textural mediums is fundamental to my work. The paint surface is enriched by the build up of various translucent and opaque layers. The rough, textural qualities of organic and geological forms contrast with the transparency and fluidity of water. These rich variations are analogous to the interaction between the elements, the rocks, the flora and fauna.

I endeavour to produce images that are novel and sensual and of subjects that are often wild and spectacular, whilst also aiming to provide drama and charisma to what may be perceived as commonplace subject matter. These paradoxes inspire my work and lead me to produce paintings with an air of mystery and ambiguity.

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I am located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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