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About Miro Woody
Artist Statement

Hello, very nice to be able to share our woodworks with you. They are all made by ourselves with a lot of love, attention and care. We would like to say that we are good with Wood, but, in fact, Wood is good with us. It has spirit and it has character and is thus much better at telling us what to do than doing what we want it to. We don't mind for we have deep love and respect for it. Working with it is always an exciting journey.

The wood we've used usually has a story before coming to us. Some of it (oak and beech) was designated for burning but then, in its desire to keep existing, caught our attention and underwent a trasformation :). Some was found in the forest - a dry branch falling off, or an old tree dying (birch, plum, sour cherry). Some is brought to us by friends, who found it somewhere (e.g. cedar in an old abandoned house in Greece), or had to chop down an old tree in their garden and wanted to pay respect to its beauty (e.g. a huge old walnut). And the odd plank of African ofram was actually bought. It might have been traumatized on its way to us but we try our best to sooth it with a gentle touch.

"Why are you telling me all this?" one would wonder. "It's just wood". No, it's not just wood - it's Wood. And touching it, having it change shape in your hands, feeling it rough, then feeling it smooth, feeling its robust harndess or its flexible softness, seeing it's curves and patterns which tell stories of the past (as dendrochronologists would also agree), help us see it's personality and soul. Then we try to show it to you, so that you can fully sense and enjoy its presence. Fingers crossed we succeed ;)

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Two Cup Wood Art Candle Holder

by Miro Woody

Worm Hole Wood Art Candle Holder

by Miro Woody

Walking Venus Wood Art Lamp

by Miro Woody

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