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About Michael McDonough
Michael McDonough began his creative career as a songwriter and recording artist leading regionally successful rock groups in Nashville, Tennessee.

After years of appreciating and collecting art, Michael began to express himself through painting. Countless hours of discovering and perfecting his technique revealed a sense of color and depth that surprised many of his contemporaries. Like many historically significant artists, he moves freely between abstraction, using color as a means to create emotion, and an Expressionist approach to subjects such as seascapes and landscapes.

Today, Michael lives near San Francisco. His solo and group exhibitions have been held in Northern California galleries including The Artistís Alley, Lush Life Gallery, 57th Street Gallery and U20 Gallery. He specializes in customizing art for businesses and home owners by working directly with Art Consultants, Real Estate professionals, Interior Designers/Decorators and Home Stagers.

His work is also on display at many corporate locations and online at http://mkmcdonough.com, http://thegallerylife.com, http://artforms1.com and www.yessy.com/artforms.
Artist Statement

The objective of a true artist is to build upon art history in a way that advances the consciousness of art and lays a foundation upon which future artists can build.

My contribution to the world of art stems from the theories of Wassily Kandinsky, who is credited with painting the first modern abstract art. He believed that the harmony of color formed the principle and the foundation of art and that color had a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye caused by the beauty of the color, but also a deeper emotional effect caused by the vibration of the soul, a purely spiritual effect.

Like many historically significant artists, I move freely between abstraction, using color as a means to create emotion, and a more representational approach with an identifiable subject such as seascapes and landscapes. If you were to see a retrospect of my entire body of work, you might think you were looking at a group show.

History has shown us that an artist can have a personal signature whether his work is abstract or representational. One of the most recognized artists of recent history, Andy Warhol, said, "How can you say any style is better than another? You ought to be able to be an Abstract Expressionist next week, or a Pop artist, or a realist, without feeling that you have given up something."

The common thread woven among all of my pieces is the use of color and motion on which I have built an unmistakable identity.

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by Michael McDonough

Red Rain

by Michael McDonough

Aspen Sun

by Michael McDonough

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