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Mohammad Rokhsefat

Tehran, Tehran

About Mohammad Rokhsefat

Mohammad Rokhsefat
Was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran

Art Categories
Painting, Illustration, Graphic design
Artistic Career since 2000

Bachelor of Architecture

Member of Iranian Illustrators Association

Participation in many solo and Group Painting, Illustration and Poster Exhibitions since 2008

Published Books
Author and Illustrator of "The Girl and the Castles" Book, 2015, USA, ISBN 978-1-329-53208-3

Recent Achievements
2017- One of the selected Artist to Exhibit his work in Florence Biennial, Florence, Italy
2017- Long listed Artist in Celeste Prize, Italy

Artist Statement

Man always aspires to power, but each person's perception of power is different. The power of art and its durability, the act of creating, the enjoyment of working with the form and color, and many other attractions, are factors that have always led me to art; and because of the potential and manner of expressing the concept in visual arts, it’s my main tools for presenting artworks.

What initially attracted me to art was observing a surreal painting artwork; the idea that I could present a concept by various visual elements and a scenario in my mind, vaguely, mysteriously, figuratively, or completely clear and explicit through a painting.

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by Mohammad Rokhsefat


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Pomegranate Pla...

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