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The Wooden Horse Studio

About The Wooden Horse Studio
I grew up in small town in rural Northern California. I spent the majority of my childhood and young adult life on horseback alongside my 3 sisters. My favorite outings included trips to the local market, ice cream shop, the nearby lake or through the golden hills of Penryn, California. My life as I knew it revolved around horses. For 20 years I spent every waking minute caring for, obsessing over, drawing, painting and riding horses.

If a fellow classmate needed a drawing for a school project, I gladly took on the task. I spent years perfecting the beauty and power of a horses confirmation by studying the history of horses, picture books and training and caring for my own horses.

Recently I found my niche while creating various pieces of artwork using reclaimed pallets. I started out creating wine racks and flag pallet paintings when I discovered the obvious. Given my love for working with repurposed wood and my passion for horses and their undeniable beauty, I realized this would be the focus of my next piece.

I truly hope you enjoy my work! Thank you for visiting my studio.