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Originally from Birmingham, mook23 moved to London in his late teens and embarked on a successful career working with adults with Learning Dissabilities. At the age of 36, due to health reasons, mook23 was left unemployed and found art was a way of rebuilding his life. In the beginning mook23 was painting his apartment walls with house paint disgarded by people, pieces covering whole walls over the course of a few days and nights.
Through the support of his daughter and other family and friends mook23 continued to use his art as personal therapy, becoming more conventional in his use of canvas and medium. For 2 years mook23 has been building his portfolio, primarily peices A4 in size with larger peices by commission.

My Artist Statement

London, UK based artist mook23, producing hand painted pop art portraits. Subjects are 'significant' people in popular culture including musicians, sportsmen, politicians and models. . Commissioned pieces have included illustrating a classic motorcycle collection, family portraits, large murals, club promotion flyers and portraits such as Jim Morrison, Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Pele, Ali, Brando, John Travolta to name but a few.
All paintings are hand painted using acrylics on stretched canvas. All paintings are then spray lacquered to protect them from colour change etc. All paintings are unique single edition pictures and signed in red by mook23.

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I am located in London, .

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