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Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.

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About Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.
Artist Statement

Morgan now writes and paints fantasy fiction sometimes incorporating myths and legends or history of our culture particularly Celtic, Norse, Anglo Saxon literature and artefacts. She also explores Biblical literature and connecting faiths and weaves into her fictional stories and paintings of angels some of her life experience. Her love of nature is apparent in exciting characters, vibrant images and the detailed decoration of much of her work reflects our cultures but also the mystical power of the spirit and the Creator of all things.

Morganís portraits are unique. Be whatever you want to be. Choose a simple portrait showing the basic you as the world sees you or dare to be different. Allow Morgan to create a setting and surround revealing your personality, dreams and aspirations.

Hand Painted using watercolor on fabriano paper

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Wolves in the Snow

by Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.

Shire Horses

by Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.

Wolves in the Snow

by Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.

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