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I began painting in 1987. While working as a wardrobe consultant I was curious about my abilities, and then began to expand my horizon. Even from the beginning of expressing my colorful went very well. My first painting was donated and from there, my confidence increased as I began selling my original art. Since, I have pursued many artistic avenues, to share what God has given me. As I continue to explore and create new products, I seek other platforms, to share my work. Over the past few years, as I continued to paint works of art, I was inspired to produced a new collection of wearable art. In 2009, my Funky, Chic, Original jewelry debuted at Bloomingdales, in Chevy Chase Maryland. I have designed and sold many pieces, of my wired jewelry.

My Artist Statement

Abstract Art: gives me the freedom to express myself without limitations. I believe that art should be used or enjoyed in our lives. I am an Artisan...creator of many things...beautiful. Paintings, wearable art, design handmade crafts and commission work. My artistic abilities have taught, healed, enhanced and graced many, many walls and worn by women of a diverse, clientele.

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