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About Mountainside Pottery, LLC

My name is Becky Breach. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania on a 40 acre property with my husband Allen, our dog Bentley, four horses, rabbits,ducks, geese and chickens... and a bunch of "wild life"... we often have deer, turkey, fox, coyote and all sorts of other critters in our yard! We have three children and eight grandchildren! We enjoy the simple things in life, family and friends, fishing in our pond, riding our horses and all the nature that surrounds us on our "Little Piece of Heaven". I am very passionate about my pottery! I've only been working with clay since January 2012 however; I'm ADDICTED!

Artist Statement

When I'm asked "why do you like working with clay", I can't fully describe it no matter how I try. I love the feel of the wet clay in my hands and watching a plain old piece of mud turn into my thought! I remember as a child in elementary school, sitting at the potters wheel and building my first clay vessel. Although it was lopsided, thick on one side and too thin on the bottom, it was the best thing I ever did in art class!

I've explored many "crafty" mediums over the years, painting ceramics, sketching, wood crafts etc... but I was never passionate about them. I don't feel that any of them truly allowed me to express my inner love of organic and natural elements. Clay on the other hand, it's exciting, fascinating and truly unpredictable. Sometimes, what I thought would be an average piece of art turns out to be exceptional.

Although I've only been doing pottery since January 2012, the growth I can see in my own work truly amazes me, and I can't wait to see what the next twenty years or so brings my way! I have so many ideas for pieces I want to do, colors I want to try, techniques I want to incorporate and expand on... well, I just don't know if I will ever be able to sleep again!

Thank you God, for giving me this gift! Only you know where it will take me.

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Peaceful Solitude by Becky Breach

by Mountainside Pottery, LLC

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