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I am a self-taught mosaicist who has been a professional member of the British and American Mosaic associations for thirteen years. I originally studied History of Art at the University of Rennes. My initial ideas come as an intuitive flash. From there it is a slow evolutionary process that can take many months. The choice of techniques and materials comes very naturally depending on the theme I am exploring at the time. With any new piece I try to implement in my work a new technique and new materials to create a maximum of contrast, e.g. between the lightness of reflective materials and more grounded earthy tones.
My goals are both technical: to experiment with more complex techniques, hard and soft, real and unreal, and aspirational: large-scale 3D public projects whereby people recognize themselves in the collective consciousness regarding nature, the future, life and death. In these subjects I am fascinated.

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by Nathalie Vin


In between the lines - circular fine art mosaic

In between the ...

by Nathalie Vin