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Ney Santos

Orlando, Florida

About Ney Santos

My name is Ney Santos. I'm an Artist from Sao Paulo City, Brazil, offering contemporary abstract art online. I have chosen the name "NeSan" to sign my art which is my first name and last together. “NeSan”, symbolizes Ney Santos. I studied in the Beautiful Arts Faculty of Sao Paulo (Faculdade de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo) and School of Arts and Crafts of Sao Paulo (Liceu de Artes e Oficios de Sao Paulo) as a Mechanical Design Technician. In my current work, I use, oil, acrylic, sculpture and many different kind of mediums, tools and paint knives to explore and create new ways of art expression. My art is made with love and there is nothing without it. My heart is full of happiness and the art is my heart. I make art to send peace, harmony, happiness, abundance and everything good. My first art award I won when still was a child on the day that commemorates the birds, with a drawing of a flamingo. Since then my life has been dedicated to the Art and to create the beauty of the life.

Artist Statement

I am an Original and self taught Artist. Art is life and I live for the art. When I'm painting, feels like someone is grabbing my hand and wizard my mind, like a wind shaking the trees and paint the sky. I make art with dedication and my art is my son, a lot of work to care for, to create, dedication, attention and enjoyment for everyone. Being original really means becoming yourself. There is no limit to what can be learned. There is no one, right way to make art. Art needs to be more than just visual. It needs ideas, feelings and meaning. NeSan.

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