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About Nick Gadbois

2015 Painting purchase by the University of Montana for the Chemistry School
In Missoula, Montana.
2013 Exterior mural completed for the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos.
8’ x 18’, precast cement mural with glass tile insets. Budget $51,000.
Worked with Stromberg Co. who fabricated the GFRC panels for the
mural wall relief.
2013 Two exterior panels for Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Los Alamos, NM.
Fused and mosaic glass tile.
2012 Soap Lake Public Library, Soap Lake, WA. 4 precast cement panels for
the exterior of the building.
2008 Tri Cities Cancer, Kennewick, WA., 13 precast concrete panels inset into
an exterior patient privacy wall. Project budget $37,000. Worked with
TGB Architects of Seattle in the design and installation of the art panels.


2019 Smalter Gallery, “Robot Pollock”, Kansas City, MO.
2019 Kansas City Artists Coalition, “Real Surrealism”, Kansas City, MO.
2018 Kiosk Gallery, “Semaphor”, Kansas City, MO.
2017 Todd Weiner Gallery, “Left Behind”, Kansas City, MO.
2016 Missouri Bank, “Patterning”, Kansas City, MO.
2011 GVG Contemporary, “Flood”, Santa Fe, NM.
2010 Mesa College, “Industrial”, San Diego, CA.
2009 Wood Gallery, “Signs”, Montpelier, VT.
2007 Chambers Gallery, “Site”, Portland, OR.
2006 Confluence Gallery, “The Map Series”, Winthrop, WA.
2003 Guardino Gallery, “Overland”, Portland, OR..
1997 Confluence Gallery, “Medicine Wheel”, Winthrop, WA.
1995 Artspace, “Northwest Passage”, Seattle, WA.
1994 American Institute of Architects, “Cement Works”, Seattle, WA.
1992 Second Story Gallery, “Crossroads”, Seattle, WA.
1989 Zero One Gallery, “Primitive Future”, Los Angeles, CA.
1988 Thinking Eye Gallery, “In the Underworld”, Los Angeles, CA.


2019 Fe Gallery, “Pattern and Abstraction”, Sacramento, CA.
2018 Baton Rouge Gallery, “Surreal Salon 10”, Baton Rouge, LA.
2017 Westport Art Fair, Kansas City, MO.
2015 Molecule Design, Santa Fe, NM.
Confluence Gallery, “Hardscapes”, Methow Valley, WA.
2014 Artshare LA, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, Los Angeles, CA.
Santa Fe Community Gallery, “Common Ground”, Santa Fe, NM.
2010 The Weston School, “Fuzzy Logic”, Weston, MA.
2010 Untitled Gallery, Taos, NM.
2009 Arts Alliance, “Thermal Dynamics”, Albuquerque, NM.
2007 Beppu Wiarda Gallery, “All About Maps”, Portland, OR.
2007 Diannich Gallery, “Love and Passion”, Brattleboro, VT.
2005 Mark Woolley Gallery, “One Foot After Another”, Portland OR.
2002 Fleetwell Library, “Artpeace”, Fleetwell, MA.
1998 Confluence Gallery, “Metalurge”, Winthrop, WA.
1992 Merging One Gallery, “Landmarks”, Los Angeles, CA.
1991 Los Angeles City College, “Ancient Themes”, Los Angeles, CA.
1989 Druidis Biada Gallery, “Scapes”, Mt. St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA.

2004 Bachelor of Arts, Portland State University, Portland, OR.
2009 Master of Fine Arts, Vermont College, Montpelier, VT.
Born, Iowa City, Iowa, 1949.


University of Montana Chemistry School, Missoula, MT.
True North Company in Kansas City, MO.
Todd Weiner Gallery, Kansas City, MO.
Emily Smalter Gallery, Kansas City, MO.
Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM.
Wyatt Jaffe Firm, Minneapolis, MN.
RGM Advisors, Austin, TX.
Design Group Architects, Sedona, AZ.
JJ Solari, Arcadia, CA.
HELD Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA.
Dr. Robert Bell, Santa Fe, NM
The MERC Theatre, Winthrop, WA.
Lauren Hutton, Los Angeles, CA.
Fleetwell Public Library, Fleetwell, MA.
SEKU Skatewear, Los Angeles, CA.
Beate Bermann Enn, San Diego, CA.

Artist Statement

I am inventing a new kind of abstract painting that is based on real objects that appear to embody abstract visual language. Rather than imagining abstract shapes and forms I make abstract paintings out of objects that already exist in the real world. The paintings are not flat but have a slight bas relief surface. I prefer to keep the specifics of my production secret but I can say that robotics play a part in the creation of the pieces. In my view the paintings embrace both systems of order and random occurrences. These two opposites coexist in the picture plane. The paintings have associations with the all over technique of Pollock and the automatic writing of the Surrealists. My artwork is future oriented.

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Propeller acrylic painting by Nick Gadbois

by Nick Gadbois

Mediterranean acrylic painting by Nick Gadbois

by Nick Gadbois

Migration acrylic painting by Nick Gadbois

by Nick Gadbois

Midnight Garden acrylic painting by Nick Gadbois

by Nick Gadbois

Revelry acrylic painting by Nick Gadbois

by Nick Gadbois

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