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Jose Alvarez (Ocaña) was born on July 30, 1962, in Havana, Cuba. His first painting was at 6 years old, but it was not until four years later that he participated in his first group exhibition in Galiano and Carlos III in Havana. He began to paint with different instruments; pen, oil, acrylics. He was influenced by Cuban artist and neighbor, Manuel tur Lambert, now deceased, who instilled his admiration for the great masters of impressionism on Mr. Alvarez. One of his greatest idols was George Seurat, who created the pointillism technique, which is considered self-made although he studied at San Alejandro. In 1994, Mr. Alvarez said goodbye to his land along with more than 30 thousand Cubans heading to Florida on several crudely made rafts, which was the inspiration for one of his first pieces he painted in exile, titled ‘The Rafts’. On a naval base in Guantanamo Bay, he tought art to other Cubans, including military and civilian personnel from the base. Once he arrived in the United States, he presented his work in several art galleries, including Pagan Art Gallery, Kris Lopez Art Gallery, Le Boheme Art Gallery, The San Carlos Institute in Key West, and in the Cannon Rotunda located in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Mr. Alvarez continues his work professionally by custom requests. He currently lives in Miami, Florida where he moved more than 17 years ago. His work can be found in countries such as Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Costa Rica, and the Congo in Africa.

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