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OLATUNJI BENJAMIN DAMILARE is a Nigerian visual Artist, a vibrant contemporary painter and a mixed media Artist. He was born in Lagos march 26th where he grew up and followed his passion for Art. He was trained as a painter in the school of art Yaba college of technology in Lagos before he started his explorative research. He did General Art in national diploma and later painting as a specialisation in Higher National Diploma. In his learning days in school, he had the opportunity to meet great artists engaging in collaborative projects. His work experience with other artist gained him more exposition.
Olatunji is one of the artist that is of the innate transcendentalism of this contemporary world. Although, before olatunji discovered himself as an artist, he was an apprentice under different masters most who where not experimentalists and expressionists but realistshe started out as an impressionist, realist and now an abstract expressionist. he uses a visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create a composition which exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. He arranges various elements in a decorative manner for the expression of his feelings with the usage of condensed superficial color sensations constituting an image with the clarity of form and purity of sensation that fits him. He participated in group exhibitions. Among his contemporaries Olatunji Benjamin stands out with his unique style of approach in bringing an unbeatable imagination to reality.
He defines art as a means of conceiving the world visually making statements with experiments and transforming visual perception into a material form through perception and expression. His arts has an originative function in this process, giving plastic precision to inhibitions and aspirations that remains unrepressed and voiced. He is driven by his restless energy to depict a spectrally heightened and distorted actuality with a tendency to individualization and fragmentation and his style taking a full expressionistic vigour. Olatunji paints with emotions and randomness and capture his emotions and subconscious thoughts on the canvas.
He explores the juxtaposition of shapes, forms, colors and collage. His fusion of image in his constructive design forms the narratives of his work. He starts from basically visible objects where he contstructs them in the simplest forms and shapes before the fusion of image to bring an unknown phenomenon to reality. He works from construction to deconstruction and the known to the unknown which turns out to be an abstraction.
Olatunji creates both inner and outer beauty in both figurative and pure abstractions. In His statements he said "my creatures are powerful enough to inform the human soul". He is his own king, priest and god. He believes that art is the exposition of an unknown reality also is the lens we need to see through to save the world. Olatunji Benjamin Damilare is a thinker whose thoughts he brings to reality through his expressions.
Artist Statement

My artist statement
My expressions are perhaps unconscious of the will to substitute for the principle of composition after nature , the principle of autonomous structure. Each of my paintings contains a sublime precision and capacity to individualize abstractions. I'm driven by restless energy to depict a spectrally heightened and distorted actuality with a tendency to individualization and fragmentation and my style taking a full expressionistic vigour. My art has an originative function in it's process and deals primarily with forms and when realized its lives its own life. I selects the visual element to create a vital organization of form with the age demanding other virtues, like a new version to express a new dimension of consciousness in harmony, truth and fragmentary and unconsoling, achieving the correspondence between inner necessity and expressive significance. I compose the expression of inner meaning in an intensed degree that is presented in harmonic relations of color and color itself in a configuration that adequately expresses the inner emotion and adequately communicates it to the observer.
My visual image undergoes transformation or deformation. The character of my symbols exploits the expressive potentialities of color. A representative of my work is a geometrical division of picture distinguished not by color but by line over the parts not covered by the image then creating forms through color. The vitality of my art is not some principle of composition or some ideal of perfection but a direct expression of feeling, the form corresponding to the feeling as spontaneous as gesture, but as enduring as a rock. The result is a projection of colour of such vital intensity.
I'm the creator of my creatures, I call them out of from the unknown to be seen vividly by the world. Out of the treasury of my heart I call this being forth to existence. Having realised the need for the world to change. They were created for the world's greatest revolution.
olatunji Benjamin D.
( Visual Artist )