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376 Morgan Road Matamata, Waikato
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Pamela Tapp

Matamata, Waikato

About Pamela Tapp

Pam has gained the following New Zealand academic experience - Certificate in Media Arts from Wintec, has partially completed an Bachelor of Media Arts at Wintec, has a Diploma and Certificate in Art and Creativity from The Learning Connextion, and is currently on a Art and Design Scholarship with The Learning Connextion.

She has sold work throughout NZ at Exhibitions and Art Show and privately overseas and in 2013 was an invited artist at a residency in Croatia.

Artist Statement

Pam Tapp is a New Zealand resident with over 10 years art experience and is of Maori Ngapuhi Iwi. She is an expressionist artist who uses abstract forms and various techniques to manipulate colour, texture and shape.

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Ethnic Land and...

by Pamela Tapp


Ethnic Maze

by Pamela Tapp


Ethnic Chatter

by Pamela Tapp