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About Glass Paradox
Glass painting started as a hobby, at the kitchen table, and kind of mushroomed from there. I enjoyed creating pretty, useful things from yard sale finds and giving them to my family and friends. After a time, I had created far more pretty things than I could give to people I knew so, I attempted a craft fair. People loved it and I soon tried others.
Through the years I have learned a lot about glass, mostly through trial and error! I discovered that some glass could not withstand the heating process and would disintegrate... putting an end to my art. As a result, I stopped buying my pieces from yard sales and sought out a product that would constantly allow me to have a useful finished piece.

People started looking for my artware and wanting to add to the pieces they had bought from me before. I tried consignment at a few local shops and was successful there too!

Today, my artware can be found in galleries, boutiques and small shops throughout the country, as well as online. I also continue to do a few retail craft fairs each year. I still paint each piece myself, just not at the kitchen table! My designs are unique in using the entire glass, they are complimented everywhere I go. I know you will enjoy them!
Artist Statement

Everyone deserves to set their table with beautiful things and it is my goal that Glass Paradox be those beautiful things!

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Spyglass, hand-painted decanter and wine goblet set, Glass Paradox

by Glass Paradox

Fan, hand-painted pitcher and beverage glass set, Glass Paradox

by Glass Paradox

Cathedral, hand-painted decanter and wine goblet set, Glass Paradox

by Glass Paradox

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