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From the first sight of Matisseís cut-outs, Paul found it impossible to pass a blank surface and not want to fill it with color. At age eleven he experienced the thrill of actually making money from his art. At that moment the dream of becoming an artist was now reality.

While achieving his BFA from Ringling School of Art and Design Paul was exposed to the culinary arts as well. He found it was a perfect vehicle to expose his natural talents in color, texture, composition and of course taste. In a short amount of time, Paul went from student to teacher, and his skills were in demand throughout the U.S. and beyond. Every exotic location inspired paintings of exquisite bursts of color that related to the energy and rhythm of its people.

The artwork always pushed the culinary to new levels of creativity. So, when you cruise Paulís work youíll realize itís not merely visual; it will encompass all sensory receptors and connect with something that is profoundly you.

My Artist Statement

Welcome to the adventure of Paul Maley’s artwork! For forty years his art has enlivened the senses, enlightened the spirit and inspired the soul.

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