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Born at Mirandela, Portugal, attended the bachelor’s degree of Civil Engineering at the Science and Technology Faculty of Coimbra’s University, ending up to enter in the Superior Arts School of Porto where graduated in Fine Arts and Intermedia.

My Artist Statement

RRR - Relations, Refractions, Revelations

Measure of a void, an abyss that cracks at the infinitesimal instant where everything takes sense. Towards the frenetic struggle which prowls between the revisions and paradigm switch-overs, the knowledge fragmentation, the world of image and the emotional shattering, we feel compelled in a delicate and delicious way to take a glimpse at the partial light that floods the whole drawing act. The relations, here revealed, are thoughts and feelings that configure our restlessness, filled with the astonishment of the uncertainties, which inhabit within our mind and conscience. There’s the need of revealing, the urgent lack of a physical mind that follows the freedom of feeling, the thrust of desiring something concrete that gets lost on the unattainable immortality.

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I am located in Mirandela, Portugal.

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