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About Piero Manrique
Piero Manrique was born in Lima, Peru in 1981. He moved to New York with his family when he was 13. Manrique began painting with oil on canvas soon after arriving in the U.S. He studied fine arts at Purchase College State University of New York before transferring to the Parsons School of Design in New York and graduating with a bachelorís degree in architecture in 2005.

After completing his studies at Parsons, Manrique worked as a designer and project manager for several large New York-based architectural firms while continuing to paint on canvas and exploring other mixed media art forms, including electronic art and sculpture.

In addition to his work as a graphic and visual artist, Manrique is an avid salsa dancer, performer and choreographer. His dance experience infuses his paintings with a sense of fluid energy and an awareness of the grace of the human body.

Manrique calls upon both his dance and his architectural design sensibilities in creating his art. Although grounded by a solid sense of composition, all of his work exhibits the free stream of his imagination. He uses fantastical flights of color to surround and overlay concrete images of individuals, landscapes and animals. His distinctive personal vision of surrealist dreamscapes invites the viewer to appreciate the splendor of the human body in juxtaposition to imagined technology and otherworldly forces.
Artist Statement

Art is the discovery of the inner beauty and the expression between your soul and the unseen. Throughout the years I been exploring the many languages of creating. During my search I have found that art is simple. Only to the ones who listen to their soul. For me Art is alive, is never steady and is always evolving. Is like the ocean massive, changeable and full with life. I love Art. I love the way it transforms a space. I love the way it inspires, love the way it can change, I love how is free and alive.

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The Moving eye

by Piero Manrique


by Piero Manrique

Appearance of the Soul

by Piero Manrique

Marks of the Soul

by Piero Manrique

Peaceful Matrix

by Piero Manrique

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