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About Pomm's Studio

An evolving journey...

Pomm Hepner has been an exhibiting artist for over 25 years. She was born in Los Angeles but raised by her French mother and grandmother, both established artists. Her mother, who was born in Paris, read a novel by French authoress Colette in which one of the characters was a little girl named Pomme. She loved the name, which means "apple" and took the "e" off to ensure correct pronunciation.

While at college, Pomm moved to France and studied in Aix-en-Provence. While there, Pomm fell in love with the Old World architecture. This passion is incorporated so beautifully in her watercolor compositions. As a viewer, you sense the arresting depth and signature warmth in her work.

Returning to America, Pomm studied with the internationally renowned artist Scott Moore in Laguna Beach, California. Pomm created and perfected a unique style using only translucent watercolors applied in many layers that allowed her to paint the strong colors, light and shadows that create the "feel" of Europe in her paintings. Within her work is Pomm's trademark "hidden apple", the artist's signature of authenticity.

Not unlike a few of her predecessors, Monet and Renoir, masters of Realism who revolted against the traditional academia by painting what they saw from within, Pomm made a similar and compelling transition in her work. Initially painting what she "viewed from the outside and felt within" to expressing herself "from the "inside out."

This very engaging transition can be felt and understood in Pomm's expressive and moving Oil paintings. Although there are artists who can cross mediums and styles not many make these transitions successfully. Pomm has acheived this so brilliantly. The Expressionist style presented in her oil work transcends the viewer into an "outer world" that is heightened with emotion.

Collected world-wide, her paintings are included in the collections of: Tom Cruise, David Letterman, Priscilla Presley and Rudy Guiliani to name just a few. Her Watercolor painting "Unspoken Courage" brought national acclaim after September 11, 2001. This piece now hangs at the New York City Fire Depeartment Memorial Wall and Training Center. Pomm also has one of her works "We Believe in Peace" hanging at the United Nations building in New York City.

Most recently Pomm became a Board Member of Artists for Human RIght International, a group formed with the purpose of bringing artists together with the common cause of raised awareness and education of Human Rights. Pomm also received an award for good works from the Vatican. Pomm is the only artist to receive such an award usually reserved for dignitaries and presidents.
Artist Statement

"People inspire me. I paint the pleasure moments of life; the times we always want to remember, the memories that make us smile."
"People are of great interest to me. Traveling the world, I've admired so many different cultures and how they express their lives through art. Its important for me to understand how other people see the world. As an artist, I care about mankind."
"To touch someone’s heart is what moves me and inspires me. With my paintings I can create those moments when someone was happy; when someone could smell the flowers and could feel the gentle breezes. That’s the true joy of creation for me -- to know others will feel calm, uplifted and happy about life through my art."
"In painting, I look for those moments when I was enjoying everything around me and truly being in the present. Through seeing and feeling the wonder of life, I work to capture those moments on the canvas."
"I draw my inspiration from the world around me. I see daily the innate goodness of mankind but also see the suffering and inhumanity that have become part of life on this planet."
"It is important to me that I communicate the peace and beauty of existence. As an Artist, I realize that I have the power to uplift the culture. Knowing that my art helps others feel peaceful makes it all worthwhile. Bringing back the memories that made others smile gives me joy... their joy is my joy."

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