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Queen Myra

About Queen Myra
When she’s home, you can find Queen Myra with her laptop, working on her book, painting, writing, reading, watching a movie or playing with her pug… But usually she’s not!

At the age of 18 Myra renounced at the educational system, changing the student life with the globetrotter one.

“The educational system is sick. Unfortunately we’re living dark times when school is not teaching us the most important human values. Graduating from college is not gonna teach you how to pay your bills or get a job. A degree is not gonna show you how to live. These are the real problems that the society avoids to deal with.”

In 2 years she succeeded to stay in a lot of amazing countries and did her “PhD in living by your own” as she likes to say.

“New Zealand stole my heart and I’ve got a “No” when I tried to take it back! I think, one day, I should go reunite with it forever.”

Back home from her last trip in France she started working on her first book and also to paint.

“This happened when I returned from Paris. It was really insane! There, I visited “Palais de Tokyo” and the next day, when I was home, I watched a movie and that was it! The idea just popped up in my mind!”

First she started to paint as a form of relaxation between brainstorming ideas for her book and writing movie scripts, but it became something more.

"After I finished my first painting I realized that I wanted to start working on the second one! It's a bit addictive, you know, when the ideas are coming you just have to let them flow through your hands and splash them on the canvas."

She is painting only abstract subjects, taking her inspiration from all kinds of fields. From movies or music to the latest political discussions, she's turning everything into art.

"I can read a book and get inspired, I can watch a movie and get inspired, even going to the supermarket can be a source of inspiration if you know where to look. Inspiration is everywhere and the beauty of abstract art is that it can encapsulate all kinds of topics into the same amazing genre. I also I think it's the ultimate form of art, sometimes it's so intimate that it can speak your truth in a thousand languages."

If you’re going to met her, even accidentally she’s gonna ask you:

“What have you done today to change the world?”
Artist Statement

"What have you done today to change the world?"

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Insights No. 2 oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Insights No. 1 oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Insights No. 3 oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Electricity Oil Painting

by Queen Myra

Red Agony oil painting

by Queen Myra

Ocean Landscape oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Pattern oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Cactus oil painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

Le Déluge, Oil On Canvas, Abstract Oil Painting by Queen Myra

by Queen Myra

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