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Rae Hamilton works almost exclusively in oil paints, but in a variety of genres, including landscapes, florals, and figures. While he received his formal art training at American University, he considers himself largely self-taught. Hamilton says he owes a debt of gratitude to the Impressionist and pre-Impressionist masters whose work he has studied.

Hamiltonís work is held in private collections across the country. It is currently represented by the Towson Framing Gallery in Towson, Maryland. His work is also shown in the Rehoboth Art League galleries and Cooks Limited Antiques in Hereford, Maryland. Previously he was represented by the D&K Gallery in Monkton, Maryland, the Prince Royal Gallery and the Gallery Julian in Alexandria, Virginia; the Venable Neslage Gallery in Washington, D.C.; and the historic Rock Creek Park Gallery, also in Washington, D.C.

In June 2010, the Rehoboth Art League presented him with the Col. W.S. Corkran Award for his painting of Assawoman Bay in Bethany Beach, Delaware. In August of 2010, he won a second in the Maryland State Fair competition for professional landscapes. In August of 2011, he won a second and a third in the same competition. Hamilton, who served on the board of directors of the Rock Creek Park Gallery in Washington, D.C., won a number of awards in juried shows there. He has also been juried into some of the more prestigious art festivals on the East Coast.

Hamilton is currently vice president of the Northern Baltimore County Art Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of art within the community and provides college scholarships to promising high school student artists.
Artist Statement

As I paint, I strive to give an accurate representation of the beauty in nature, whether the subject is a landscape, a flower, or a person. I find that the way to capture that beauty is through the careful observation of the effects of light on any given subject. By noting and capturing how light defines a given object, I hope to paint the atmosphere as well as the object in the process. The subjects I choose generally provide for me a sense of peace, and that peace seems to be the emotion most often evoked in others who view my work. While I began painting in the Impressionist style, my work seems to become more realistic the more I paint. I will adjust or eliminate components of a composition if they serve to distract the viewer from the focus of the work, but the way light works its way through a subject to create the atmosphere is usually supplied by nature with very little room for improvement. I'm more interested in faithfully portraying that which inspires me to paint than I am in providing an interpretation of the already perfect.

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Indian Summer River

by Rae Hamilton

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