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About Small Art

I live in California and have a passion to create unique pictures that are based on the natural world, that come alive through vivid colors. The images are “raw” and not manipulated in any way, but reflect the artistic vibrancy and imagination that can be derived from the microscopic world. The images are obtained using dye dissolved in a solvent, then deposited onto glass slides. The image was printed on archival paper, then face mounted on an acrylic sheet, which is supported by a sheet of ABS for stability. My collection of images is titled “Small Art,” and copyrighted. Although the title is “Small Art,” the size of every listed framed art is 24 X 18 inches, or more, therefore still maintaining the crispness and clarity when seen under a microscope. All my art is borderless and embedded with keyhole hangers for display.

Artist Statement

It’s my passion to take pictures under the microscope using different substrates, and chemical processes to create vivid images. I’m a researcher and have an interest in looking at objects at the molecular level and turning it into artwork. Additionally, I have patented the process of creating pictures influenced by the natural world, under a microscope, for creating photographic art for wall décor and display purposes.

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Perilous Path b...

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Luminous Flower...

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Waterfall by Sm...

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