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Ray Burggraf

Tallahassee, FL

About Ray Burggraf

Obtaining a graduate degree in 1970 (fifteen years after I’d left the farmlands of my home) finally gave me the artistic sophistication I needed to launch my career as a professional artist. I moved to the Sunshine State to join the Art Department faculty at Florida State University. Here, I would spend 37 years creating, painting, building and teaching. Although I retired from teaching in 2007, I continue to live and work in Tallahassee, Florida.
My studio in the Railroad Square Art Park is near other artists, musicians, galleries, and eclectic businesses. My creative environment and my wonderful memories of earth, farms and family continue to fuel ideas for landscapes and color constructions. I see, create and invent through the prism of infinitely rich experiences.

Artist Statement

My abstract paintings and color constructions highlight Earth’s light and atmosphere. With glowing jewel-like colors, smooth gradations emerge to evoke the grandeur of breathtaking vistas. Thoughts of oceans and the blazes of sunsets burst into creation from acrylic paintings on thin, sinuously-shaped panels of wood. They are a succession of linked landscape scenes remembered.
Florida coastal environs and perhaps even beach-culture airbrush art are strongly reflected in my work. Precise color gradations are my signature; they are hand brushed rather than sprayed. Visual excitement flows like music and builds like progressive architectural morphology. Here, technique and theory work together to bring the language of modernist abstraction into the realm of contemporary landscape.

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