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I live in Stanford, KY with my wife and two dogs, 5 cats and a bird. I take joy in hand-turning pens on my lathe and bringing out the hidden beauty in wood. Itís exciting to see how each pen turns out (pun intended) since every piece of wood is unique.
Each pen offered by Pens By Randy is hand turned, finished, and assembled by myself using unique exotic wood or colorful acrylics and high quality pen parts.

I believe in quality rather than quantity. I am meticulous in my pen making to ensure each instrument is precise and the finish is pristine, so they can be used and treasured for years to come. Many pen makers use polishes or wax-based finishes that are quick to apply and look good initially. In fact, I used to use those as a beginner. However, they break down and discolor over time with contact to finger oils. I now use an acrylic product that stays durable and clear to withstand years of use. It takes about 30 minutes just to finish a pen to my standards, but the results speak for themselves! While my pens may cost a little more than others initially, the overall value can't be beat!

Refill types are listed for each pen. They are simple to replace for years of use.
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My Artist Statement

Juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen

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I am located in Stanford, KY.

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