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Rebecca Meredith works can be found in surface pattern design, fine art commissions and galleries, and through her classes and lectures in art foundations, history and theory. Her work aims to engage the mind in addition to beatifying the eyes, thus provide lasting interest and satisfaction for the viewer. The birds-eye view and sociologically orientation is at the heart of the work, which aims to synthesize an experience in consideration of its shaping factors. Awards include Top 100 Artists by Paint for America, a teaching fellowship at Mission 17, Museum purchase by Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, numerous artist residencies around the world, and a grant from The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the implementation of an arts program at an orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico. Rebecca Meredith currently resides in San Francisco.

Artist Statement

The artist in creating a work is solving a problem, realizing a conception. We go to art for new experiences and new challenges to our thinking. Art does more than corroborate our experiences, it expands and liberates us through new perspectives. Every artist chooses his own problems - they will stimulate the energy to sustain a necessary momentum for formulating an expressed solution.

People turn to artworks for the same experience of completion. There is a feeling of heightened sensibility in the artist during acts of insight and intuitive judgement, which the viewer experiences later through the physical artwork. The artist is left changed from making the piece; the viewer is also changed; today, when one sees cypress trees and stubble field, one thinks of Van Gogh. At the very least, on a superficial level, what feels right to a viewer is something aesthetically satisfying, but on a deeper level, a problem which has taken hold of the artist has been resolved through the artwork.

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Mesrutiye Street, Istanbul

Mesrutiye Stree...

by Rebecca Meredith