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Regine Leglers formal education in fine art started at 17 Years of age, when she enrolled at the “Staedelschule” in Frankfurt/Main Germany. There she began a two-year study
of figure drawing, portraiture, landscape and still life. Her tuition was under Walter Hergenhahn, a student of the renowned Max Beckmann. Later she underwent three years of intensive study in oil painting, acrylic and watercolor at the “ Freie Academie ”in
Mannheim, Germany.
Beginning in Germany, as well as after her immigration into the United States in 1975
Regine has always been taking on commissioned art, which she rendered in a realistic style in various media. Her personal work though had a different flavor. She drew and painted very unique scenes of dreams and emotional situations in a style, that is called
“Fantastic Realism”.
Than in 1994 her interest shifted more to Wildlife and American Indian scenes.
Today Regines style has evolved from fantastic realism to a more realistic, but highly unique technique, which creates a very personal and emotional mood.
Regine holds juried membership at Women Painters West and Venice Art Forum, and has taught on the college level for many years.

Gallery representation at: Lady Audrey’s Gallery, Millerton, New York
Publications: Westside Magazine , front page
Book illustration: Snake Dance
Representation on line: Fine Art, Lady Audrey’s Gallery

Email: leglerr@e

My Artist Statement


I paint what touches me most. Something in my inner or outer world that moves me deeply. Painting what I feel brings me closer in touch with who I am and what I feel, it helps me process what I might not otherwise understand.
My artwork always had to do with feelings, like the feelings between mother and child or portraits of an emotional mood, that just simply comes out of me when I sit down with a brush and canvas.
The other day I said to a friend: the real reason I paint is to stay connected to the part of me that knows instinctively the truth, and is part of the universe and all living things. When I can go to that place inside I feel at peace with the world.

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I am located in Los Angeles, Ca.

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