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Ozarklake Coppere Garden Art

Camdenton, MO

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About Ozarklake Coppere Garden Art

Bill spent over 40 years in Naval aviation and electronics. Along the way he obtained a BA in history and an MA in Computer Systems. Formerly a draftsman and sometime sketch artist, after retirement Bill found the time to unleash his creative side. Many years as a professional wireman provide the skills to bend, form, and manipulate various and multiple gauges of copper in a pleasing manner around rescued glass of all shapes and sizes to turn the mundane into functional art. He jokes that nothing he uses in his art is being utilized for its original intended purpose. Bill has been a Juried Artist with Best of Missouri Hands since 2008.

Artist Statement

Some people look at old glass pieces and see old glass pieces. I look at old glass pieces � decanters, bottles, wineglasses, dishes, bowls, cruets, platters � and see functional garden art. With no preconceptions, I work my copper art around each piece individually. Embellishments include individually cut and crimped copper leaves, purchased beads, and my own stylized copper accoutrement. Joints are soldered to maintain the integrity of the piece. All designs are tested as to use and functionality. My art is fun and creative and gives me and my customers immense pleasure.

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