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Rheta studied Graphic Design at Durban Technikon, South Africa.
She worked in the Silkscreen, Publishing & Advertising Industry, specialising in finished art, layout, design, illustration & studio management.

After working for 25 years, Rheta decided to leave the corporate world to pursue a full time career in Fine Art. She found that it opened up endless challenges & avenues for experimenting with various mediums & ideas, allowing her to be more creative.

Her love for silver jewellery & also sculpture led her into experimenting with metals on a larger scale. Rheta now creates HAND BEATEN Wall Sculptures using ALUMINIUM FLASHING, a unique technique that she has been perfecting over many years. These produce a striking effect of light & shadow, which she loves.

PLEASE NOTE these wall sculptures are NOT in PEWTER, nor are they CAST, STAMPED or MOLDED and are therefore ONE OFF.

Rheta is self-taught & also enjoys working in acrylics, oil pastels, mixed media, digital art & photography. Her versatility in medium & subject matter (abstract to highly detailed realism), love for colour & texture are obvious in her work. Many of her works reflect African influences, be it the bright colours, design elements or subject matter. She finds variety essential in keeping her stimulated & driven.

Rheta's work is mostly contemporary & nonrepresentational. She has discovered that when she allows her energy to reign free, the possibilities of what she might create are endless and her finished work is bound to reflect that energy she feels during the process.

Rheta is privileged to have been chosen to appear as one of x13 artists featured in the "Droomhuis" series on DStv's kykNet channel in September 2010 and was featured on Episode 8 in October 2010.

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I am located in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal.

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