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Randall Lee Case

Dallas, Texas

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About Randall Lee Case

Randall Lee Case
B. 1953
Oklahoma native turned Texan (Dallas)

Artist Statement

EACH OF MY ARTWORKS shares some connection to nature.

As an artist, I believe it’s important to give viewers of my works, no matter how abstract, something they can recognize or relate to. Such a small thread to nature, I think, can provide just such a universal grasp to enable, perhaps, even some insights which might add to a viewer’s understanding of my intentions.

Like, I suspect, most artists become after years of wrestling with
the hard question (What to paint?), I have developed more than a bit of a self-gratifying attitude when it comes to considering a new artwork. Nowadays colors make me much happier than design. Drama trumps detail. Time matters.

For me the plainly obvious truth is that I can only paint for the at-the-moment me which stands, brush in hand, in front of a blank canvas. What ultimately develops, I admit, never fails to surprise me.

And sincerely, what an intimate pleasure this process is for me.

I do hope my work connects with something in you as well (and know that any pleasure it brings you will add to my own).


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